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Is lack of good sex the cause for the rising rate of prostate cancer?

Recent articles in the Journal of the American Medical Association note an alarming trend in the increasing incidents of prostate cancer. Author Plato Rosinke says young men as well as old are suffering from prostate problems. The cause is simple: not enough quality sex.

Rosinke believes regular prostate orgasms offer the most promise for prostate health. The problem: most times the orgasmic contractions of the prostate gland are not as long or as profound as they could be. Why is this?

The prostate gland is the root of a man's integrity. A man with a healthy prostate gland stands present in his masculine power, and is a law unto himself. From childhood on through adulthood, modern society systematically strips away our awareness, our choices, and finally our manhood itself. Is it any wonder that prostate problems are occurring in younger and younger men?

What are the health implications for entire generations who have had their connections to their bodies severed by MTV, video games and text messages? How disempowering is it for a man to have had his natural sexual programming overwritten by a tidal wave of internet pornography?

The solution: a total body orgasm for men to wipe out all the false ideas of what a man's sexual responses should be--to reconnect his mind with his physical body and the natural wisdom locked away inside. Did you think women were the only sex capable of a full-body orgasm?This controversial yet sexually confident author will have you second-guessing the quality of your sex life and improving your own overall health when he discusses:

  • How a man can become orgasmically equal to a woman.
  • Why the prostate is not the male g-spot but the male uterus.
  • How having as much sex as you can is not good for the prostate.
  • Why the herb saw palmetto is ineffective: a common Chinese herb does more for prostate health than any other substance out there.
  • How sexual exercises based on breathing techniques can improve your “staying power” and intensify your orgasm.
Also covered in the work is a complete discussion of the current medical wisdom surrounding prostate cancer background, causes, symptoms & detection, the role of the colon and prostate health, DHT, PSA, DRE, BPH, Gleason Scores, the Whitmore-Jewett staging system and the Tumor Node Metastases classification system, optimal ejaculation frequency, a discussion of commercially- available prostate massage devices, the danger of sex toys that vibrate or generate electricity, how to fix damage from stupid penis enlargement exercises, estrogen and vaginal looseness, plus a review of several inexpensive yet legendary Chinese herbs that promise youth and potency while offering relief from prostate problems in mere days!

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